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Keeping track of all prices on the App Store,
so you can save money and discover great apps. 100% Free.

Price Tracking

We monitor the App Store to let you know about any and all current iPhone and iPad app price drops worth your time.


Use your own personal wishlist to keep track of iPhone and iPad apps that you want to buy in the future - or once the price right.

Email Notification

Whenever an app from your wishlist goes on sale, we will send you an email immediately. This way, you will never miss a price drop on your most wanted apps.

Save money and discover great apps

With our App Store price tracking and notification system you can discover great apps and save money doing so. Create a 100% free account to use all of our features.

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Price Tracking

Find out what apps are currently on sale. We'll monitor the App Store for price drops and show them to you based on their popularity.


With a free account, you get access to your own personal wishlist. We keep a very close eye on every app on your list so we can send you an email, if there's a sale.

The Details

App Store price tracking

  • We check the App Store several times each day for price drops
  • Apps that are on sale will then be sorted by relevance on our frontpage
  • With our filters, you can also sort the price drops by genre to find apps you are interested in

Your benefits:

  • Save money! Never miss a sale of a great app for your iPhone or iPad
  • Discover great apps that you might have missed out on otherwise
  • Maybe even get some apps for free every now and then


If you create an account (which is 100% free, no strings attached) on Appsurprise, you have access to your own personal wishlist for all apps available on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad.

Your benefits:

  • Track apps that you'd love to buy, but that are too expensive at the moment
  • Add these apps to your wishlist with one simple click
  • Get email notifications if any app on your wishlist goes on sale
  • Never forget about apps that you wanted to get in the future

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If you like Appsurprise, you can support us by clicking the „Buy“ button on our website before you buy an app from the App Store. We then receive a small commission from your purchase (it does NOT make the app more expensive for you - meaning there's absolutely no drawback).

This helps us to keep the lights on and to continue the development of Appsurprise for you. THANK YOU!